Xtar L4 - Charger, incl. AA (Mignon) LR6 1.5V Li-Ion rechargeable batteries with battery change indicator

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: Xtar

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The set consists of an XTAR L4 charger and 4x AA 1.5V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries with *indicator

Based on lithium-ion technology, with indicator and a regulated output voltage of 1.5 volt AA rechargeable batteries (rechargeable) are revolutionising the mobile power supply for many standard applications. Together with the XTAR L4 charger, which was developed for this technology, we would like to offer a product set that makes the new technology affordable. The indicator allows the user to be reminded in good time when the power is insufficient.

ATTENTION: The 1.5V Li-Ion batteries can only be charged with XTAR L4, XTAR L8, XTAR MX4, XTAR VX4, XTAR LC4, XTAR LC8 and Soshine Chocolate 1.5V charger.

Detailed product description of the 1.5V Li-ion battery with *indicator.

The stable and high output voltage makes the 1.5 V lithium-ion batteries compatible with all devices that are optimised for operation with disposable batteries and where the low voltage of the NiMH battery (1.2 to 1.35 V) causes problems. The high voltage results in higher performance in many devices, e.g. many torches or fairy lights are brighter or motors (toys, kitchen appliances) run faster than with NiMH batteries.

Advantages: Constant high voltage (volts), electrical regulation, no memory effect

The battery offers great advantages due to the undervoltage cut-off. Most applications do not have their own low-voltage cut-off, but do not damage the electronically regulated 1.5V Li-ion battery, as is the case with NiMH/NiCD batteries. 1000 charging cycles are therefore perfectly possible with the 1.5V lithium-ion battery under real conditions.

Particularly suitable for: Game cameras, radios, photographic equipment, flash units, thermostats and much more.

Disadvantages: The electronic control only allows the discharge current specified in the key figures. The batteries can only be charged with a suitable charger.
Please note: Electric motors, e.g. in toy cars, require several times the specified continuous load when starting up.

Important: Charging the 1.5V Li-Ion. batteries can only be charged with a charger designed for this purpose. Charging with a conventional charger for NiMH/NiCd or Li-ion batteries is not permitted. It is also not possible to charge on the base station of the radio/house phones. This will destroy the batteries.
Suitable chargers: XTAR L4, XTAR L8, XTAR MX4, XTAR VX4 or Soshine Chocolate-1.5V
Chargers for Li-ion 1.5V batteries from other manufacturers are not necessarily compatible.


Capacity in mWh 2700mWh
Capacity in mAh approx. 1750mAh
Min. capacity in mAh 1600mAh
Nominal voltage 1,5V
Max. discharge current 2A (2000mA)
Charging current 0.xx - 0.5A
Positive pole increased (button top)
Achievable number of cycles approx. 1000 cycles
Diameter 14.50 mm ± 0.3 mm
Height 50.00 mm ± 0.5 mm
weight 20 g ± 1 g



Data sheet XTAR 1.5V AA
Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS
Transport test UN38.3
Transport test sea UN38.3 Sea
Transport test air UN38.3 Air
Drop test 1.2 m Drop test

Further information:

https://www.pocketnavigation.de (very detailed information and comparative tests on the 1.5V batteries)

Safety instructions:

Please note that lithium cells should only be used by qualified persons.
Incorrect handling or short-circuiting can lead to fire or explosion.

Further properties:

Lithium-ion batteries are thermally stable and are not subject to a memory effect.
They work on the basis of lithium and are characterised by a high energy density.

*Theprecise voltage control IC enables the user to be reminded in good time if the power is insufficient.
Function: The 1.5V lithium-ion battery runs as usual at a constant voltage (volts); shortly before the battery runs out, the IC electronics reduce the voltage to approx. 1.2V. Devices with a battery change indicator thus remind the user to change or charge the battery, as with non-rechargeable batteries or 1.2V rechargeable batteries. Conventional Li-ion 1.5V batteries without an indicator switch off at high voltage (volts) without giving the user any indication that the battery is empty.


Detailed product description of the XTAR L4 charger.

Latest unique technology, faster charging, higher accuracy and safety.
The L4 is a 4-slot charger for 1.5V lithium-ion batteries with and without indicator, as well as NiMh/NiCd 1.2V AA (Mignon) and AAA (Micro).

Universal charger for Li-ion 1.5V and NiMh / NiCd 1.5V AA (Mignon) and AAA (Micro) rechargeable batteries

The L4 charges all rechargeable AA/AAA Li-ion and Ni/Mh batteries and is also highly compatible with third-party brands (no guarantee).
Supports mixed charging regardless of size (AA or AAA), model or capacity.

New generation charger for lithium-ion 1.5V AA / AAA, with and without *indicator.

The hollowed-out design, which significantly increases heat dissipation and makes it easier to remove the batteries, is unique, protects the batteries and makes a major contribution to the safe handling of batteries.

The following 1.5V lithium-ion battery types can be charged with the Xtar L4:
XTAR 1.5V lithium-ion rechargeable batteries in size AAA or AA and most 1.5V Li-ion rechargeable batteries available on the market (no guarantee)

The following NiMh / NiCd 1.2V battery types can be charged with the Xtar L4:
All rechargeable NiMh / NiCd 1.2V batteries available on the market.

Xtar L4 product information:

  • Four separate charging bays, charges 1 - 4 batteries simultaneously, each charging bay charges and monitors individually and independently.
  • Mixed charging of AA/AAA lithium and NiMh batteries.
  • Unique CVSA technology for NiMH batteries - more accurate detection of full charge, faster and safer charging.
  • Intelligent fast charging.
  • 0V activation function. Makes deeply discharged batteries ready for use again.
  • LED status indicator.
  • USB Type-C 2.1A /5V input
  • Revitalises over-discharged batteries.
  • Automatic adjustment to the optimum charging method.
  • Intelligent adjustment of constant current and constant voltage.
  • Charging current 4x 0.5A (with 5V 2.1A power supply)
  • Compact, attractive housing.
  • Automatic charging stop at the end of the charging process.
  • Multiple protection functions, reverse polarity protection.
  • Flame-retardant ABS housing.
  • Insured worldwide by China Pacific Insurance Co, Ltd.
  • CE, RoHS & FCC certified.

Power is supplied via USB-C input, a power adapter is not supplied for the sake of the environment and to save costs. Can be connected to any 5V USB port. 5V USB ports are already available in every household in addition to smartphones, USB chargers, PCs, power banks, laptops and car USB adapters.


Scope of delivery:
Charger L4, USB-C to USB-A cable, operating instructions in German, English, Italian, French, Russian, Polish, Turkish
Quantity of batteries depending on selection, AA 1.5V (Volt) lithium-ion batteries, with indicator.

- "No selection": Scope of delivery, as on the main picture.
- "with ... batteries " selected number of batteries supplied with charger. (this option changes the number of batteries supplied, not chargers)

*Theprecise voltage control IC enables the user to be reminded in good time if the power is insufficient.


Compatibility with 1.5V Li-Ion and
DC 5V 2.1A via USB-C
Charging current
4* 0,5A
Operating temperature
0 °C - 40 °C
Material ABS
79 x 75 x 26 mm
49 g without accessories

1.5V AA Li-Ion battery with indicator

Charging current normal
0.5A (500 mA)
Fast charging current
500 mA / 3h
Charging operating temperature
0 °C - 45 °C
Discharging operating temperature
-20 °C - 60 °C
Storage temperature Recommended at 25±5 ℃

When using a high-quality 3.7V Li-ion battery with 730mAh, the energy is up to 2700mWh. After the output voltage has been reduced to a constant voltage of 1.5 V by the electronics, this corresponds to a capacity of 1800mAh.



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